Monday, 18 July 2011

007 Polo

Many of Station C Canada's readers have been asking when will I be doing some posts on the 007 clothing?  So for my German/Canadian and Algerian readers here you go!

One of the first items needed this summer will be a 007 Polo by Sunspel.  007 can often be seen wearing polo shirts when he is not in the office.  Lately, Daniel Craig has been wearing them in his movie and of course they are Navy Blue.  The 007 Polo from Sunspel can be seen in the Bahamas sequences of Casino Royale when M is briefing 007 about a certain card game in Montenegro.  In Quantum of Solace he can be seen wearing one in Haiti and later in Bolivia under his jacket.

Sunpel offers the 007 polo at a reasonable price compared to any version that Tom Ford would produce.

Here is a link 007 Polo

When ordering you may want to go one size up from how you normally wear it.

This is a staple 007 shirt that is quite easily attainable.  For more information visit the 

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