Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bond 23 Press Conference

Will the title be reveal as Skyfall?
UPDATEMarketto007's fan art.

It's official.  Bond 23 will have it's Press Conference on the 3rd of November in London.  At this time we will hope to have the title revealed. Will the title be Skyfall?

Traditionally, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli will be in attendance along with James Bond himself Daniel Craig.  Look for Sam Mendes, the films director to be there along with any other key film characters.

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Monday, 24 October 2011

The Book Bond: Guinness Book of World Records names JOHN GARDNER ...

The Book Bond: Guinness Book of World Records names JOHN GARDNER ...: Here's a nice treat for us John Gardner fans. The 2012 Guinness Book of World Records has recognized John as the "most prolific Bond author"

Congratulations to John Gardner making the Guinness Book or World Records. View the entire story over at "The Book Bond"

World War II Italian Auxiliary Ship Olterra and Thunderball's Disco Volante

Ian Fleming, a Naval Intelligence Commander in World War II, would constantly dream up plots to defeat the Nazis.  Many of his efforts ended up in his "spy story to end all spy stories".   When Fleming was writing Thunderball, he turned to a real life enemy operation in World War II as a way for the Disco Volante to operate.

In world War II, an Italian Auxiliary ship off the coast of Gibraltar was said to be a staging area for Italian Frogmen acting as human torpedoes.  The Olterra, to the plain eye, was just a civilian ship with civilian crew.  Underneath, however, a trap door entering into the water would open and the Italians would swim and place limpet mines on Allied Ships undetected.  The Olterra would also act as a observation post.

In Thunderball the novel, Ian Fleming needed Emilio Largo to have a way for the Disco Volante to be docked so close the the Nassau harbour, yet a way to get the bombs to the USA undetected.  The Olterra was the perfect fit so like all good fiction writers he nicked the idea and wrote about what he knew.

13 /  'My Name Is Emilio Largo'

'Same as you.  There's at least half of that ship we didn't see.  But then again there's a perfectly good answer to that.  He may have got a stack of secret treasure-hunting gear down there he doesn't want anyone to see.  Remember that merchant ship off Gibraltar during the war?  The Italian frogmen used it as a base.  Big sort of trapdoor affair cut in the hull below the waterline.  I suppose he hasn't got something life the?'
Bond looked sharply at Leiter. 'The Olterra.  On the the blackest marks against Intelligence during the whole war.'

14 / 'Sour Martinis'

Now Bond's mind was made up.  It was the hull of the ship he wanted to have a look at.  Leiter's mention of the Olterra had been a long shot, but it just might pay off.

The Olterra

Thursday, 20 October 2011

James Bond Locations - Thunderball - Ian Fleming

During a recent visit to Nassau I was able to track down some literary 007 locations. It's always great to travel to the places that 007 has been.  Look for more posts on 007 Travel in the future here on Station C Canada.  Nassau is loaded with Thunderball film sites but it also has many literary sites.

Chapter 11 / Domino
Bay Street and Parliament Street, Nassau

"The girl in the sapphire blue MG two-seater shot down the slope of Parliament Street and at the junction with Bay Street executed an admirable racing change through third into second." 

Frederick Street, Nassau

"Bond caught hold of the leather-bound safety grip on the dashboard as the girl did a sharp turn up Frederick Street and another one on to Shirley Street. "  

Government  House is featured in Thunderball where he has a meeting along as in For Your Eyes Only where Bond attends a dinner party and is told a story about the Quantum of Solace from the Governor.  This is where Bond remarks that he wouldn't mind marrying a air hostess.    

Chapter 12 / The Man from the CIA

Government House
"After a shower and a tepid, touristy breakfast on his balcony overlooking the beautiful beach, he had gone up to the Government House at nine o'clock for a meeting with the Commissioner of Police, the Chief of Immigration and Customs, and the Deputy Governor."

Government House

Later on in the literary world of 007, Bond returns to Nassau in Raymond Benson's High Time To Kill where the he revisits the Governor before Union Assassins have him killed.

A Quantum of Solace
Lastly, west on Bay Street, before Love Beach, (where Vargas got the point in the film) my travelling companion noticed a sign while we were speeding by.  Lucky for me I keep observant company and a house had this unusual sign out front letting everyone know that Mr. Fleming brought 007 to the island.  
View Station C Canada's 007 James Bond Locations.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Bond in Motion - 50 years - 50 Vehicles - 007

Bond in Motion

Everyone has a favourite Bond car from there favourite movie.  Station C Canada previously reported back in August that the even would take place.  EON confirms that the even till take place from January 2012  to December at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu.

Aston Martin
Be sure to come out during the year to see some of your 007 favourites Aston Martin to Lotus Esprit to Rolls Royce.

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Monday, 17 October 2011

Bond 23 - Skyfall - Update

Will Bond 23 be called Skyfall?   Marketto's 007 Fan Art

Some recent news circulating around Bond 23, (speculated to be called Skyfall), is that filming will take place on the 7th of November.  This is reported by the SUN and not yet by EON.  The Sun claims that the action will commence immediately with Daniel Craig and a chase will take place involving a Jaguar and a Range Rover.

The action is said to take place in Smithfield Market in Central London.

Bond fans will recall that Casino Royale started filming action immediately to ease Daniel Craig into the role.

007 Workout's

After a weekend of Vesper Martini's make sure to get to the gym.  Try these workouts from Crossfit HH.


3 rnds for time
50 squats
12 power cleans
7 muscle-ups


4 rnds for time
400 m hill run
15 Hang Snatch 75#
15 Over Head Squat 75#
15 burpees


21-15-9 (reps)
Kettle bell swing 2 pood (Russian Weight)

Give these workouts a try this week and let Station C Canada James Bond 007 know how you did.  

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Book Bond: First look at the U.S. CARTE BLANCHE paperback

The Book Bond: First look at the U.S. CARTE BLANCHE paperback: Thanks to our friends at IFP, today we have a first look at full cover art for the U.S. mass market paperback edition of Carte Blanche by J...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


The Book Bond: YOUNG BOND 2012 REFRESH COVERS REVEALED!: Sensational new cover art for all five Young Bond novels by Charlie Higson have been revealed on These new editions of SilverF...

Javier Bardem - Bond 23 - Villian

Marketto 007's SkyFall Art
Javier Bardem is confirmed as a up coming villain in the yet untitled 23rd James Bond Film.  Many people will recall Javier Bardem as the deadly Anton Chigurh in the oscar winning movie, No Country For Old Men.  
Javier tells reporters at the LA Times that, “I’m a huge fan of the James Bond saga,” Bardem said. “When I was little, I went watching Mr. Connery doing James Bond with my father. Who in the world would think I’d be in one of those movies?”

Sam Mendes, the Bond 23 Director,  impressed Bardem in a meeting and after Bardem read the script he was hooked.  “They’re changing the whole thing, the whole dynamic,” Bardem said. “I’d be playing Bond’s nemesis, yes, but it’s not that obvious. Everything is more nuanced. It’s very intriguing.”

Bardem this week as asked bluntly during an interview with ABC,  "about the next villain you are going to play, in James Bond". He answered, "I am very excited, my parents took me to watch the movies, and I saw all of them, and to play that is going to be fun. They chose me to play this man, but I cannot give you many details."

Will SkyFall be the title of the newest James Bond film?    Who will Javier Bardem play?  Will Blofeld be back?  Will Quantum be back?

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Bond 23 Press Conference Next Month

Their has been many rumours and speculations in the last few weeks.  Will the title be Skyfall?  Who will the Bond girls be?  The villains?

Thankfully EON has finally came out with a message saying that they will hold a press conference next month.  As usual, the press conference will put many of the rumours to rest and will also introduce the principal casting, possibly the title and officially kick off the filming.

As far as locations go, Duntrune Castle in Scotland has been scouted as a place to shoot the finale Bond 23.  Bond fans will recall that the John Gardner novel Licence Renewed and the Charlie Higson, Young Bond Novel Silverfin also featured Castles in the same region.

When the press conference roles around, look for more information to become official.  This is an exciting time as Bond is on his way BACK!

Marketto 007's Fan Art at CBn of Skyfall.
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Crossfit HH - 007 Workouts

Perfect fit for 007 Athletes  

A few 007 Workouts for the Canadian because it is Thanksgiving.  If you are eating too much stuffing, be sure to keep in top MI6 Agent form with a little Crossfit.  Daniel Craig has brought us a extremely fit 00 Agent who will not have to go to Shurblands any time soon.  Station C Canada reader, Doctor Murphy, is currently living in Germany and has started up Crossfit HH.  If you are new to crossfit be sure to visit the main page.  

Here is a few workouts for you to try if you are going for 00 Agent selection tryouts.

1. 2000 KM Row for time.    

2. 3 Rounds for time
100 Double Unders (Sub 300 Skips)
95-135 # Front Squat
75-95 # Push Press

That should keep you busy over the holiday.  Post your times on the this site.  I am just under 8 Minutes on the row and 25 mins on the second workout.  

To the American readers have a good Columbus Day. 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

James Bond Filming Locations - Circus Circus - Water Race - Diamonds Are Forever

Water Race 
 Las Vegas is full of James Bond locations from the movie, Diamonds Are Forever.  The movie was filmed on location and you can still visit many on screen places today.  Located just off the strip, Circus Circus Casino is featured in the 1971.  Tiffany Case, played by Jill St. John, visited this casino and tries her luck at blackjack.  From here she is informed to head over and try the water balloons. 
Water Race

Water Race is located on the second level of the Casino.  You can still play and one game costs 1 dollar to play.  The object of the game is the shoot the water guns water into the mouth of the clown and blow up the water balloon.  The first person to pop the balloon in the line wins.  The winner receives a prize and just like in the movie it is a stuffed animal.  Mine did not have any diamonds inside for some reason.  Maybe you'll have better luck. It does make a nice gift for you travelling companion though.  

Water Race

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Skyfall = Bond 23 ?

Many sources are reporting that Sony Pictures have registered a domain names involving "James Bond" and the word "Skyfall".

These are the domains registered:
You'll recall that Bond 22's title was found the same way 24 hours before the release date when Sony registered Quantum of Solace.  Is this the new title to the movie or is Sony providing us with miss direction?
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Daniel Craig on Bond 23 title.  

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Age of Heroes Contest - MI6

Over at MI6 be sure to answer the trivia question to win a copy of Age of Heroes on Blu-Ray.  Age of Heroes is the real life story about Ian Fleming's Commando's during World War II.
It was an excellent movie and it stars 007 Alumni Sean Bean who played Agent 006 in 1995's Goldeneye.

The question is, "Who plays Ian Fleming in the Age Of Heroes?"   

If you know the answer, make sure to email in.

The answer may or may not be found here.  Ian Fleming. 

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Monday, 3 October 2011

007 Magazine Back Orders 50% Off - Limited Time

007 Magazine 

For a limited time you have the opportunity to order the 007 Magazine back issues listed above.  This is a great chance to own the beautifully done magazines by Graham Rye for a fraction of the price. At 50% off the cover price, this is a great bargain.

007 Magazine is the world's foremost James Bond publication since 1979. When it comes to Bond, Graham Rye knows every detail.

I personally have many of these issues and I can attest that the quality and care is fantastic.  

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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Suit Up! Daniel Craig Talks Tom Ford

Daniel Craig recently spoke to reporters while he was promoting his latest film, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" in New York about what he will wear in the upcoming Bond 23.  Tom Ford will be back for a second 007 movie in a row.

"Tom's doing the suits. In fact, I've spent a long time with Tom getting a very different look and he's been designing a new set of things [for Bond 23]."
"It's great that he's doing it. It's going to be a new kinda look. It's a new feel. I'm very excited about that. I'm very excited about the suits."

Just like most previous Bond actors, Daniel Craig enjoys the clothes after the films.  He was asked if he enjoyed taking home the costumes. "I probably was when I first did Bond and I was given all these amazing suits and suddenly I've got this huge wardrobe and I'm thinking 'Oh my God, what am I going to wear?'"
"I so do not give a shit anymore!"  He said laughing.  
"I've kind of flipped the other way and if I could just wear jeans and T-shirts all the time I would. But that doesn't mean I don't like getting dressed up. I'm really lucky to have a wardrobe with five or six beautiful suits done by Tom and some other people. So when the time is right, I put them on, and they're beautiful."  Concluded Craig.  

Jany Temime will be the costume designer working with Tom Ford for the up coming Bond film replacing Quantum of Solace's Louise Frogley.  If you were hoping for 5 picture Bond Alumni and Oscar winning Lindy Hemming to remake an appearance you'll have to wait until Bond 24.  Tom Ford did a wonderful job on Quantum of Solace but the only problem is at $1700 per cardigan you will dip once again in to Her Majesty's expense account if you wish to own his duds.  Start saving up now.  

Station C Canada will continue to bring you the latest in all things 007.

John Gardner Cover Art Revealed

Role of Honour, Nobody Lives Forever and No Deals, Mr. Bond paperback cover art has been revealed on  These 3 books will come available on the 10th of May 2012. The first 3 paper back release were Licence Renewed, For Special Services and Icebreaker.  Each paper back has a entirely new design for your collecting pleasures.

The rereleases continue to follow as this year marks the 30th Anniversary of the first time 007 adventure by John Gardner.

Head over to the Gardner Renewed page at The Book Bond for all the details on the latest release and to see the the new paper back covers.

Also, be sure to visit John Gardner's Official Site for all the latest news.

If you wish to own the first 5 John Gardner novels in rereleased hard cover form they are available for pre order now.

Station C Canada will continue to keep you informed on the news of all things 007.

Edit - The First 3 Gardner Books are now ready for pre order at ahead of schedule.  See The Book Bond for the latest.  
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