Sunday, 9 October 2011

Crossfit HH - 007 Workouts

Perfect fit for 007 Athletes  

A few 007 Workouts for the Canadian because it is Thanksgiving.  If you are eating too much stuffing, be sure to keep in top MI6 Agent form with a little Crossfit.  Daniel Craig has brought us a extremely fit 00 Agent who will not have to go to Shurblands any time soon.  Station C Canada reader, Doctor Murphy, is currently living in Germany and has started up Crossfit HH.  If you are new to crossfit be sure to visit the main page.  

Here is a few workouts for you to try if you are going for 00 Agent selection tryouts.

1. 2000 KM Row for time.    

2. 3 Rounds for time
100 Double Unders (Sub 300 Skips)
95-135 # Front Squat
75-95 # Push Press

That should keep you busy over the holiday.  Post your times on the this site.  I am just under 8 Minutes on the row and 25 mins on the second workout.  

To the American readers have a good Columbus Day. 

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