Thursday, 20 October 2011

James Bond Locations - Thunderball - Ian Fleming

During a recent visit to Nassau I was able to track down some literary 007 locations. It's always great to travel to the places that 007 has been.  Look for more posts on 007 Travel in the future here on Station C Canada.  Nassau is loaded with Thunderball film sites but it also has many literary sites.

Chapter 11 / Domino
Bay Street and Parliament Street, Nassau

"The girl in the sapphire blue MG two-seater shot down the slope of Parliament Street and at the junction with Bay Street executed an admirable racing change through third into second." 

Frederick Street, Nassau

"Bond caught hold of the leather-bound safety grip on the dashboard as the girl did a sharp turn up Frederick Street and another one on to Shirley Street. "  

Government  House is featured in Thunderball where he has a meeting along as in For Your Eyes Only where Bond attends a dinner party and is told a story about the Quantum of Solace from the Governor.  This is where Bond remarks that he wouldn't mind marrying a air hostess.    

Chapter 12 / The Man from the CIA

Government House
"After a shower and a tepid, touristy breakfast on his balcony overlooking the beautiful beach, he had gone up to the Government House at nine o'clock for a meeting with the Commissioner of Police, the Chief of Immigration and Customs, and the Deputy Governor."

Government House

Later on in the literary world of 007, Bond returns to Nassau in Raymond Benson's High Time To Kill where the he revisits the Governor before Union Assassins have him killed.

A Quantum of Solace
Lastly, west on Bay Street, before Love Beach, (where Vargas got the point in the film) my travelling companion noticed a sign while we were speeding by.  Lucky for me I keep observant company and a house had this unusual sign out front letting everyone know that Mr. Fleming brought 007 to the island.  
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