Thursday, 3 November 2011

SKYFALL - Official James Bond Movie Title

Skyfall - Bond 23 Press Conference

Today November 3, 2011, James Bond 007 is officially back!  A press conference was held today in London, England at the Ballroom of the Corinthia Hotel to give insight on the 23rd Bond adventure.

The stage was set with 9 places cards at the front of the room covered.  People tweeted wondering who would be in attendance. 

Then, at 11:46 GMT, the title was announced as “SKYFALL!”

Gathered for the press conference was James Bond 007 himself Daniel Craig.  Joining him were Bond Producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli along with Director Sam Mendes. 

Today’s other news was the casting of the key characters of the film.  Joining Daniel Craig in Skyfall will be Javier Bardem, Bérénice Marlohe, Naomie Harris, Dame Judi Dench, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney. 

Sam Mendes went on to say that he has loved Bond movies since he was a child and the first movie he saw was Live and Let Die. After seeing Daniel Craig as Bond in Casino Royale he knew he wanted to be a part of this legacy.  He also confirmed that despite recent reports that there will be ACTION!  Mendes tells us later that Skyfall will be stand-alone and have no connection with Quantum. (See Quantum of Solace)

Barbara Broccoli talks spoke about Sam Mendes’ Childish enthusiasm.  She also noted that today is also the 50th anniversary to the day that Sean Connery was announced as Bond for Dr. No.  Very fitting!
Michael G. Wilson informed that audience that a 007 Documentary was currently being produced to coincide with the 50th Anniversary along with a way for the fans to celebrate.  

Skyfall - Skynews

Shooting starts today! And it will take place at Pinewood Studios, Scotland, Whitehall in London and in Turkey.

Craig stated that he is quite comfortable stepping back into the famous shoes and can hardly wait to get started.  Javier mentioned that 007 was very much a part of his childhood. Like other 007 alumni, some of fondest memories were seeing Bond at the cinema with his family. Bérénice Marlohe stated that she has too been watching them since she to was a child and after getting the part, it took her days to realize that it was true! Naomie Harris couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. She has spent two months training and is very ready for the "rollercoaster that is about to commence".

Bérénice Marlohe is said to be playing a glamorous enigmatic character named Severin while Naomie Harris will be playing a field Agent named Eve.  (So much for the reports on Miss Moneypenny)

The other character names of the cast members went without mention.  One reporter asked if they were left out intentionally because Bond Fans would recognize the names?  The cast skirted the question which can only leave us to doubt that we may be seeing some 007 familiar characters back in the NEW JAMES BOND 007 film titled SKYFALL.

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