Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Rich Douglas: The Golden Bullet

Excellent composer and fan of James Bond, Rich Douglas, has recently put together a darker version of sound from The Man With the Golden Gun.  He is inspired by Daniel Craig playing the role of 007 in this version rather than 1974 film starring Roger Moore.
The Golden Bullet

Have a free listen to his Album:

Full Album for Download:

Track List:

1.Gunbarrel and Scaramangas Dangerous Game (3:10) *
2.Find Him First 007 (3:57) *
3.Lebanese Hospitality (3:33) *
4.4.2 MM Gun - Scaramangas Theme (3:05)
5.One Inch Senor Lazar? (2:21) *
6.Tracking Anders (2:35)
7.River Chase (3:47) *
8.Debriefing (2:08) *
9.Down at the Bottoms Up (1:35)
10.A Proper Education (2:33)
11.Identity Crisis (2:05)
12.End Titles – The James Bond Theme (3:29) * 

Total Running Time: 35 minutes

For more information check out Rich's site:

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