Tuesday, 2 August 2011

David Zaritsky's Factory Entertainment Exclusive

David Zaritsky's latest Video Podcast for http://jamesbondlifestyle.com/ is out!  During this episode he goes into Comic-Con in San Diego to get exclusive information on the latest 007 activity.  Factory Entertainment will be producing wave # 2 of 007 props and they used the comic-con to show off their new toys.  Among the new props coming out are the Goldfinger Homer Device, the Goldeneye Key Card, Ernst Stavro Blofled's SPECRTRE Ring and the Moonraker Laser Gun.  The first wave featured, The Man With the Golden Gun's Fransico Scaramanga's Golden Gun, Jaws' Steel Teeth from Moonraker and Solitaire's Tarot Cards from Live and Let Die.  

Press play on the video to see the coverage.  

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