Friday, 12 August 2011

Goldeneye Bungee Jump

Bond fans will recall the opening sequence of Goldeneye features 007 jumping off a dam in Russia right before his rendezvous with Agent 006.  This stunt can actually be done for real at Verzasca Dam in Switzerland.

Mark the Man!

Goldeneye Bungee Jump

In August 2010, six brave Bond Fans took the plunge and jumped off the Dam part of Operation: Euro:2010(07).  Once again,  Theme Party People made this happen.  It was a long way down but well worth it!  Rich, Leslie, Lindsay, Mark, Daniel and I were the ones recreating the scene from the movie.  Although Daniel didn't volunteer to jump till last minute which saved him from a few days of "Well it was nice knowing you!" remarks trying to psych us out!  All in good fun though!

In a few days they will be back at it again in the Caribbean giving fans exclusive access to 007 filming locations.  


  1. No need to thank me for recording that for you!

  2. What would I do without you!!! :)

    Have fun in the Bahamas my friend.


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