Sunday, 25 September 2011

James Bond Filming Locations - One and Only - Ocean Club - Nassau - Casino Royale

 When James Bond visited the Bahamas in Casino Royale, he was following a lead which brought him to the Ocean Club on Paradise IslandThe Ocean Club is located east of Atlantis Hotel just a short drive down the road.  

As Bond is walking into the rear entrance of the Ocean Club he cuts through the pool and garden.  The garden is amazing and the pictures don't do it justice.  

The poker game that Bond attends is located in the library right near the reception at the Ocean Club.  The bar that Bond orders his "Large Mount Gay and Soda" is there and the bartenders are more than friendly to talk about filming with you.  
The far stool on the left is where Solange is sitting drinking a martini.
Mount Gay and Soda

Bar - Solange sat on the left
Poker Room
Security Room?  Or broom closet?
If you are looking for a good place for lunch and enjoy more rum and cokes you can move out near the water to a restaurant called Dune.  From here you can see this island that the Disco Volante crashed into in Thunderball. 

View from Dune
Island that the Disco Volante crashed into in Thunderball
Further down the beach to the east is the ocean view villa that 007 stayed at.  

Rear entrance to the Ocean club leading the libary
If you make it to the Bahamas make sure you make a day trip for lunch to the One and Only Ocean Club.  You won't forget it.

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