Thursday, 17 November 2011

Duntrune Castle Cancelled as Skyfall 007 Shooting Location - Scotland

Owner of Duntrune Castle, Robin Malcolm has reported that the 007 film crew on for the 23rd Bond movie entitled, Skyfall will not be making an appearance at  the famous Castle. 
Malcolm has told STV that  "We were as surprised as anyone when they said 'No it's all off'.
"I particularly feel sorry for hoteliers and tradesmen in the area who were looking forward to a prosperous New Year. For myself I am very sorry I won't see Judi Dench." noted Malcolm.
"For the past three months they have been sending people up here in increasing numbers to look around. Last time we had 50 people having lunch in our kitchen."
He continued: "We had heard about a week beforehand that they were thinking of changing the venue in Scotland but he came up and confirmed it." 
"I think they would like to keep a Scottish dimension in the film, but where they do that is up to them. You win some, you lose some." Malcolm concluded.  
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