Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Daniel Craig wants to start filming!

In a recent interview on "Extra" Daniel Craig was promoting his newest upcoming summer block buster, Cowboys & Aliens.  Craig was questioned on the latest status of the 23rd James Bond film.  

"We've got a script, it's fantastic and we start shooting October... November this year for a November release next year," Craig said. "I'm really gagging to go. I've had a break now, and things have come together with the timing of it."
"Although it seemed like it was never going to happen, it was always going to happen... People sorting out finances and things like that beyond my control. It's given me a chance to have a break and given me some incredible opportunities like make a cowboy movie and work with David Fincher. I'm very lucky."
Daniel Craig

So the script is fantastic according to Daniel Craig.   (Although they always say that! and the new Bond Girl will be Bond's equal!) 
The October, November timeline to start filming will probably be 2nd unit shooting. The principal actors will probably not work January till about summer time. 
This will be Daniel Craig's 3rd time playing James Bond and thus fulfilling his contract.  The standard 007 contract is a 3 film deal with an option for a 4th.  Stand by for the press to continue to ask this question to Daniel Craig throughout the year and during the premiere.  No doubt the producers will be asking him as well behind closed doors.  

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