Thursday, 28 July 2011

James Bond Art

Check out this cool 007 artwork that was given to me by my brothers girlfriend!  Quite the talented artist.  
Bond fans will recall that the Daniel Craig version of Casino Royale was not the first time the story was told on screen.  In 1954, CBS produced a live television version of Casino Royale staring American Barry Nelson as Card Sense Jimmy Bond.  Still think Sean Connery was the first person to play 007?
In 1967, Casino Royale was made as a spoof with 5 different directors directing the picture!  The plot holes in the movie were big enough to drive your Aston Martin through but it did have Ursula Andress in it.

2006 saw Casino Royale finally adapted as it should be and introduced Daniel Craig into the role as the famous Secret Agent.
 Casino Royale 1967
 Casino Royale 2006
Casino Royale 2006

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