Friday, 29 July 2011

James Bond in India

It is official, James Bond will return to India for his latest mission.  It will be is first time back to the country since the 1983 007 movie Octopussy.  
Daniel Craig himself commented on the rumour confirming it's truth to The Telegraph (India).
"We are working on the schedule for India and yes, it’s always exciting to play James Bond and this time is no different."  
When asked if some scenes would be shot in the country he replied:
"Yes, that's true and I am absolutely thrilled about it."
"The next Bond will start in October or November. I've kind of already started preparing for Bond. The script is in really, really good shape and I'm sure there will still be changes because that's just the way it is. But if we shot the script we have at the moment, we'd be in a good way." 
Later he was asked about details on the India shooting.
"Too early to talk about it..."

Stay informed with Station C Canada with  new news on Bond 23 in the near future.  

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