Monday, 26 September 2011

Bond 23 - India Revoked

Eon Productions, the production company of the 007 series, had recently been in talks with India regarding shooting in the country.  Everything was in place and they were just finishing up some final details regarding a stunt on a train.  Station C Canada learned that as of 22 September 2011, Eon Productions have sent an official document to the Indian Ministry's saying that plans to come to India have been cancelled.
Indian Ministry representatives also concur with this report via the Times an Indian News Paper.  

It seems that all the delays and uncertainty regarding the stunts on the railway line have forced EON to look elsewhere for a suitable shooting location.  

South Africa. 

South African news papers were mocking the Indian authorities due to the delays.  

Chandralekha Mukherjee, an Indian Railways representative, told the Times insisting it was not their fault, "We'd given them all the permissions. They wanted to shoot in the Sabarmati yard and had asked to shoot on two gauges - broad gauge and meter gauge - and they wanted these for seven-hour stretches every day for seven days in a row, and we'd agreed. All had been worked out. They also wanted to shoot between Mumbai and Goa on the hero train, and wanted a special shot where a motorcycle from a bridge would jump on to a train, and the coach on which he'd jump needed to be re-enforced, and we agreed."

"The matter was finalised by September 13. But a week later, we were informed that after an international discussion, the production team decided not to shoot in India. We've been very cooperative with them. We had ourselves hoped that the movie would be shot here," she added.

So the Production Team will be shifting their efforts to South Africa and continue with location scouting there.  Istanbul, Turkey and Pinewood Studios London remain the other confirmed shooting locations for the up coming movie.  

Station C Canada will continue to bring you the latest in all things Bond. 

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