Thursday, 29 September 2011

James Bond Producers in Istanbul - Skyfall

Skyfall 007 - Istanbul Turkey

Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli are on the move and they have stopped in Istanbul to visit Ertuğrul Günay, Turkey's Minister of Culture and Tourism.  They have come to Turkey, a Bond 23 location, to give the Minister information regarding the film.
“The opening scenes are planned to be filmed in Istanbul, but some other places will also be used outside Istanbul for the film,” said Günay.
James Bond in Turkey in Skyfall
Günay commented on the world scale of a James Bond movie “Some places where these films were made have become attractive for tourists. The fact that the opening scene of the film will be made in Turkey will contribute to Turkish tourism. The ministry has been providing big support to the film sector for five years; our filmmakers win international awards. Our goal is to bring international producers to our country, and we do our best to assist foreign filmmakers who want to work here.”

Michael G. Wilson, enjoying the Turkish hospitality said, “It is a great pleasure for us to be in Istanbul for the 50th anniversary of the series.”
“We are proud to see that James Bond is still a well-known character in Turkey,” Barbara Broccoli said.  As a gift to Günay, Wilson and Broccoli gave him a collectors edition of the 007 series.  
Casting isn't finalized yet but the names should be out ver soon as the principle photography will commence in November.  Ralph Fiennes and Javiar Bardem have Craig remarking, "I hope so, I hope so."
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