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Monte Carlo Casino - James Bond 007 Filming Locations

 Monte Carlo Casino

 Of course 007 goes to the best casino's in the world.   That is why he has been to the Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco not once but twice!  James Bond first made an appearance in the unofficial Bond movie Never Say Never Again.  In the movie, Sean Connery is a "gate crasher" and forces his way into casino.  The casino in the film is named the "Casino Royale" and it is the site of a charity ball put on by Largo.

Photographs from within the casino are strictly forbidden.  The distinct black and white floors from the movie where the tango with Domino takes place are still present.

Aston Martin and a Ferrari outside of the Casino?  Bond and Onatopp in Goldeneye?
 James Bond's second on screen visit to this Casino was in 1995's Goldeneye where Bond tracks Xenia Onatopp's Ferrari to the Casino in his Aston Martin DB5.  Within the Casino, Bond plays Baccarat against Xenia and wins enough money to buy himself a Vodka Martini.

I too was able to win at roulette and order two martinis for myself and my girl.  A nice little afternoon treat to have while taking in all the fabulous artwork within the casino.  The barman is available at all times and he does make a perfect Vodka Martini.  Shaken, not Stirred.  (or straight up with a twist)

If you want to gamble you have to hand over your passport or government ID for a quick check and about 10 Euros per person and you receive a ticket.  You hand the ticket to the guard and you are in the famous Casino free to gamble.  A jacket is a requirement to enter the Salle Privee but during the day time, many tourists will enter and you'll see a mix of dress.

Casino Monte - Carlo
Fleming wrote about the casino within his pages of his novels.  If you have a chance to make it to Monte Carlo be sure to make it the Casino to live like Bond.   Stay connected for more Monte Carlo 007 locations as we'll head over to the harbour. 
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  1. I'm a fan of James Bond flicks, and Monte Carlo Casino is a favorite hangout of our elusive hero. The latest movie Casino Royale starred by Daniel Craig is my favorite in terms of the setting of Monte Carlo locale.


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