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Walther PPK JAMES BOND 007 Replica Prop Gun - Free Shipping - Skyfall

As iconic as the Aston Martin is the Walther PPK is the weapon of James Bond 007. This German made Walther PPK was introduced in the 1930s and has been used by police forces around the world.  This PPK is non firing and is 007 inches in length.   

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of 007, Station C Canada - James Bond 007 in conjunction with it's affiliate company Risico LLC, is offering you a chance to own 007's famous gun.   

Walther PPK - James Bond 007

$114.99 USD
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Walther PPK - James Bond 007

In the movies, James Bond first received the Walther PPK from the Major Boothroyd in Dr.No.  Bond continues to use the PPK, in some variant, up until Tomorrow Never Dies where he acquires the new Walther P99 from Wai Lin.  

"Walther PPK. 7.65 mm, with a delivery like a brick through a plate glass window. Takes a Brausch silencer with very little reduction in muzzle velocity. The American CIA swear by them." Major Boothroyd to 007 in Dr. No.  

After Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond once again is back with the famous James Bond icon Walther PPK with Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace.  It is yet to be determined if James Bond will be un holstering the Walther PPK in Skyfall but I'm willing to bet that it makes an appearance.  

James Bond Walther PPK Skyfall

Station C Canada - James Bond 007 in conjunction with it's affiliate company Risico LLC is selling the Walther PPK world wide.  

The shipping of the PPK is FREE WORLD WIDE!

If for any reason the item is unavailable I will refund you completely A.S.A.P.
Please be advised that certain countries may charge customs on goods coming into their country.  Item ships from the USA.   

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